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The Task Desk Chair from the Ashford Collection is the perfect combination of style and function. The light grey canvas-like covering forms a modern wing shape, while an adjustable stainless steel swivel features wheels to give this chair a classic look with modern function. This chair will be sure to make a statement in any space, whether it's at your desk or counter, bar or table. This chair features thoughtful details that add character and charm to any room. The swivel seating is covered in cotton canvas, linen blends and rich leathers for an extra touch of comfort and style. The dark or weathered gray solid wood frame is characterized by slim tapers, soft splays and curved stretchers for a unique look that will last for years to come. The Task Desk Chair from the Ashford Collection has everything you need in one stylish package - comfort, durability, convenience and beauty all wrapped up into one amazing piece of furniture! Whether you're looking for something special to spruce up your home office or just want something comfortable yet stylish enough for guests in your living room - this chair has it all! With its adjustable height feature as well as its easy-to-move wheels on the base - this chair can easily fit into any space with ease! Plus, its neutral color palette ensures it will blend seamlessly with any existing décor you already have going on in your home or office! So don't wait another minute - get yourself the perfect combination of form meets function today with the Task Desk Chair from the Ashford Collection! With its sleek design and comfortable feel that won't go out of style anytime soon - you'll be sure to love this piece for years to come!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 26.00"w x 26.00"d x 35.75"h

materials: Stainless Steel, 90% Polyester 10%Cot

seat depth: 18"

seat height: 17.75"

volume: 7.42

colors: Stainless Steel, Manor Grey

weight: 27.78

sku: FHCASH-137-099

This item is non-returnable & non-refundable. If your item arrives damaged or defective it will be replaced or repaired at no additional cost.
Four Hands

Task Desk Chair

SKU: FHCASH-137-099


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