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The Spider Dining Table is an incredible statement piece that will make a bold addition to any dining room. Its unique design features a rectangular bluestone tabletop, offering an interesting contrast with the gunmetal-finished iron base. This combination of materials creates a dramatic, atomic-style look that is sure to draw attention. The woods used for the table are reclaimed from old buildings and then bleached, sanded and finished to give them a raw beauty that can’t be found in other tables. This table offers more than just looks though; it also provides modern functionality to your dining area with its refined forms taking inspiration from many eras. The bluestone tabletop is not only attractive but also extremely durable and easy to clean which makes it perfect for everyday use. You won’t have to worry about spills or scratches ruining this beautiful piece of furniture! Additionally, the gunmetal-finished iron base provides stability so you don’t have to worry about wobbling or tipping over when you sit down for dinner with family or friends. The Spider Dining Table has been crafted with attention paid to every detail in order to provide you with an amazing piece of furniture that will last for years and years. It's perfect for those who want something unique yet timelessly elegant in their home décor! Whether you're looking for something modern and eye-catching or something rustic yet sophisticated, this table has everything you need!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 78.74"w x 35.43"d x 30.00"h

materials: Iron, Solid Oak, Bluestone

volume: 21.19

colors: Brushed Gunmetal, Ebony, Bluestone

weight: 227

sku: FH223353-001

This item is non-returnable & non-refundable. If your item arrives damaged or defective it will be replaced or repaired at no additional cost.
Four Hands

Spider Dining Table

SKU: FH223353-001


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