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The Cuzco Nightstand Natural Yukas is the perfect addition to any bedroom. This nightstand brings a warm, minimalist style that will add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. The frame is finished with ash and the natural cracks and graining are filled with black resin, creating an organic look with tonal contrast. The pattern and depth of the resin lowlights and highlights vary from piece to piece due to wood species’ inherent nature, making each nightstand unique. The legs are made of bronzed iron for a stylish look that won't go unnoticed in your home. The iron has been acid-washed and sealed to preserve its original beauty for years to come. Reclaimed oak contrasts nicely with smooth splayed legs for an elegant finish that will stand out in any bedroom décor. Geometric flatstock underpinnings give this nightstand an ahead-of-the-curve feel that you won't find anywhere else! This Cuzco Nightstand Natural Yukas is sure to be the focal point of any room it's placed in! It's crafted from quality materials so you can rest assured it'll last for years without losing its charm or beauty. You'll love how this nightstand adds warmth and sophistication while still keeping things modern and minimalistic – perfect for any contemporary space! Add one (or two!) of these stunning pieces today and enjoy their timeless beauty every day!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 24.00"w x 17.00"d x 25.00"h

materials: Yukas, Ash, Iron

volume: 8.48

colors: Bleached Yukas Resin, Black Ash, Gunmetal

weight: 46.3

sku: FHUWES-181A

Four Hands

Cuzco Nightstand Natural Yukas



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