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SKU: SUBAN3326-268

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The Banshee Beige rug from Surya's Banshee Collection is a unique, modern statement piece that will add a bold and eye-catching touch to any room. Expertly crafted from 1% New Zealand wool with hard twist yarns in a multi-color effect, this rug has splashes of vibrant color reminiscent of modern art. The addition of viscose accents throughout the rug adds texture and dimension for an interesting visual effect that will draw the eye and make your space stand out. This 30" by 96" beige rug is perfect for adding warmth and style to any living area or bedroom. Its neutral base color makes it easy to incorporate into almost any décor scheme, while its bold design adds an element of interest that sets it apart from other rugs in its class. Whether you're looking for something contemporary or classic, this unique piece will not only provide comfort but also make an unforgettable impression on anyone who enters your home or office space. The Banshee Beige is expertly hand tufted with premium materials to ensure long lasting quality and durability that won't fade over time due to wear and tear or exposure to sunlight. Its low pile height makes it easy to clean without sacrificing comfort; simply vacuum regularly using a suction only setting as needed. This rug also features anti-static properties which help repel dust particles for improved air quality in your home or office environment – perfect for those who suffer from allergies! For those looking for something truly special, the Banshee Beige Rug offers both style and substance in one beautiful package! With its bold design elements, luxurious materials, superior craftsmanship, low maintenance requirements and anti-static properties – this stunning piece is sure to become the focal point of any room you place it in!
sku: SUBAN3326-268
brand: Surya
width: 30.0
size: 30.0x96.0
depth: 96.0
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