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The Amelie Camel/Orange Rug is the perfect way to add a touch of classic elegance and sophistication to any room. The intricate design of this rug features a mix of camel, wheat, ivory, dark brown, saffron, burnt orange and medium gray colors that are woven together in an eye-catching pattern. Crafted from chenille-polyester material for long-lasting durability and lasting beauty. This rug will bring warmth and comfort to any space while also giving it a timeless look. The unique color palette of this Amelie Collection rug creates an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing with family members. The subtle combination of colors allows it to be versatile enough to match with any existing decor style while adding depth and texture to the room's appearance. It’s easy to clean and maintain so you can keep your rug looking beautiful for years to come without having to worry about damaging it in the process. This Amelie Camel/Orange Rug will make a great addition anywhere from bedrooms or living rooms all the way up through hallways or entryways as well as outdoor areas like porches or patios when used with an outdoor mat underneath it for protection against weather elements such as rain or snowfall. Its modern yet traditional design makes this piece ideal for both contemporary and classic style homes alike! With its high quality construction materials you can rest assured that your new addition will last you many years into the future!

width: 24"

length: 35"

material: Chenille-Polyester

color: Camel, Wheat, Ivory, Dark Brown, Saffron, Burnt Orange, Medium Gray, Sky Blue

pile height: 0.0393701"

weight: 3 lbs.

sku: SUAML2312-2211


Amelie Camel / Orange Rug

SKU: SUAML2312-2211


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