Our Mission

We are passionate about beautiful, functional, polished style and we aim to bring that passion to both our clients and friends. Whether it’s exclusive designer interviews, round-ups of beautifully curated new products, or go-to design tips and inspiration, Scout & Nimble is making interior design easy and accessible to everyone.

About Scout & Nimble

Founded by Jesse & Sam Bodine in 2010, Scout & Nimble was created as a means to give designers access to brands that were previously unattainable. As a designer herself, Jesse struggled with sourcing products for her projects, and knew there needed to be a marketplace where designers could gain access to furniture and décor at competitive prices.

Over 10 years later, Scout & Nimble has grown into a resource for both designers and those looking for designer curated furnishings and décor.

Scout & Nimble strives to bring design solutions to everyone in our community. We are a home for working designers looking to source products from the top brands in the industry and a guide for interior enthusiasts seeking a reputable source of quality products and design advice. Making design accessible is what we do.

“We are firm believers in the power of environment - whatever you surround yourself with impacts your mental health. We want to provide the ability to make design easy, accessible and fun, all while highlighting those who help make it happen for people. We’re truly here for designers and consumers.”