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The Hendrick Nightstand from the Rockwell Collection is a timeless piece of furniture that brings together art and functionality in one stylish package. Crafted from durable gunmetal iron, this mid-century modern nightstand features a single drawer of perforated brass with unique ring-style hardware for added style and function. The metal patinas on the tabletop and flat surfaces are one-of-a-kind, giving this piece an eye-catching antiqued look that will stand out in any bedroom space. For those looking to add a rustic touch to their home, the Hendrick Nightstand is perfect for incorporating vintage charm into your decor. Refurbished steel, cast iron, cogs and footings sourced from old factories or warehouses give each piece a unique story that can be traced back to its original use and origin. This nightstand offers reliable storage as well as an artistic flair that will last for years to come. This versatile nightstand is perfect for any bedroom design style - whether you prefer traditional or contemporary decor - thanks to its classic mid-century form with modern materials. It's also ideal for small spaces since it won't take up much room but still provides essential storage space for books, magazines or other items you may need close at hand when you're winding down before bedtime. The Hendrick Nightstand from the Rockwell Collection is sure to add character and sophistication to any bedroom setting while providing long lasting durability and convenience all in one beautiful package!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 23.00"w x 16.00"d x 25.00"h

materials: Iron, Iron

upc: 801542379735

volume: 9.18

colors: Perforated Brass Patina, Gunmetal

weight: 49.96

sku: FHIRCK-279

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Four Hands

Hendrick Nightstand



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