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The Emundo Box Black Dune Marble is a stunning storage solution that offers both art and functionality. Crafted from beautiful black marble with unique veining, this box features a rounded lid that lifts to reveal ample space for jewelry, keepsakes and more. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, making it the perfect addition to any home or office decor. This box is made from upcycled materials including metal patinas with antiqued finishes, refurbished steel, cast iron cogs and footings from old factories or warehouses. This allows you to bring the feeling of each piece back to its original use and origin while also giving it a modern touch. The Emundo Box Black Dune Marble will provide your room with an air of sophistication while also providing practical storage solutions for everyday items like jewelry or keepsakes. The Emundo Box Black Dune Marble is designed to be durable enough for everyday use while still looking elegant in any room setting. Its sleek design allows it to blend into any existing decor without overpowering the other furniture pieces in your home or office space. The marble material ensures that this box will last through years of wear and tear without losing its original beauty over time. It’s also easy to clean by simply wiping down the surface with a damp cloth when needed - no special cleaning solutions required! If you’re looking for an elegant storage solution for your home or office space, look no further than the Emundo Box Black Dune Marble! This unique piece combines artistry with functionality so you can enjoy both style and practicality all in one place - perfect for anyone who wants their living space to look beautiful but also remain organized at all times!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 10.00"w x 10.00"d x 4.75"h

materials: Solid Marble

volume: 0.92

colors: Black Dune Marble

weight: 17.1

sku: FH224915-001

Four Hands

Emundo Box Black Dune Marble

SKU: FH224915-001


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