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The Jet Set Chest by Bernhardt is an exquisite piece of furniture with its gold leaf finish and gold details. The chest has been crafted from the finest maple veneers and features a unique shape that will draw attention to any room in your home. The chest is also highly functional, providing you with three drawers for storing all of your essentials. The golden hues on the Jet Set Chest will add a touch of luxury to any space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that you can enjoy for years to come. With its sleek lines, this piece will seamlessly blend into modern decors or provide a classic touch when paired with more traditional furnishings. The use of maple veneers ensures that this piece is both durable and beautiful, making it perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions. The Jet Set Chest makes an ideal addition to any bedroom or living area where extra storage space is needed without sacrificing style or quality craftsmanship. Its timeless design ensures it won't go out of fashion anytime soon while its three drawers are perfect for storing clothing items, bedding items, books, documents or anything else you need close at hand but out of sight. This luxurious chest from Bernhardt offers a great way to upgrade your home décor without breaking the bank – it's an investment worth making! Whether you're looking for something modern or classic in style, the Jet Set Chest's versatile design allows it to fit perfectly into almost any interior décor theme while still providing plenty of storage space in one stylish package!

width: 34"

height: 31"

style: Transitional

depth: 19.25"

country of origin: Vietnam

number of drawers: 3

material: Maple veneers

color: Gold Leaf

weight: 134 lbs.

assembly required: No

proposition 65 material: Wood Dust

sku: BH356115G

assembled product dimensions: 34"W x 19.25"D x 31"H

Bernhardt Furniture

Jet Set Chest

SKU: BH356115G


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