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Our Rainbow Sandstone Tumbler is the perfect addition to any home, office, or outdoor patio. The unique and beautiful sandstone material is sourced from the mountains of India, giving it a rich color palette distinguished by a light base with various warm tones layered above. This tumbler is made from high-quality sandstone that has been carefully crafted into a classic shape. The smooth rounded edges and slightly curved sides provide an ergonomic fit in your hand while you sip your favorite beverage. Its stoneware construction ensures durability and strength while also providing superior heat retention so your drinks stay hot or cold for longer periods of time. The Rainbow Sandstone Tumbler has a modern yet timeless look that will match any décor style or aesthetic. Its neutral colors blend seamlessly with any surrounding while its natural stone texture adds an interesting element to any room. It’s perfect for adding some personality to your kitchen countertop or coffee table as well as making an excellent gift for family and friends who love unique pieces of artistry in their homes. This tumbler is also easy to clean and maintain; simply rinse it off with warm water after each use and let air dry completely before storing away in a safe place away from direct sunlight exposure which may fade its natural colors over time. For added protection, we recommend using mineral oil occasionally on the surface of the stone to help keep it looking beautiful for years to come! Bring some extra style into your home with this stunning Rainbow Sandstone Tumbler! With its classic shape, superior heat retention capabilities, easy maintenance routine, and gorgeous color palette – this piece will be sure to make every sip more enjoyable!

dimensions: 3” Diameter, 4” Height

material: Sandstone

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Rainbow Sandstone Tumbler



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