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The Hudson Square Coffee Table from the Wesson Collection is a stunning piece of furniture that captures the beauty of nature in an elegant and modern design. Crafted from spalted primavera wood, this coffee table features a squared silhouette and is placed atop an oxidized iron base. The wood’s natural character gives it a unique look, with slight variations in color possible. The craftsmanship behind this piece is evident in every detail; oxidation techniques are used to transform heavy materials into something light and elegant while preserving their timeless beauty. The heavily distressed, reclaimed oak contrasts beautifully with the smooth splayed legs for an eye-catching effect. Geometric and flatstock underpinnings give it a contemporary feel that will make it stand out in any room. This coffee table is perfect for adding style and sophistication to any living space or office setting without compromising on functionality or practicality. Its sleek design makes it easy to clean, while its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability for years of enjoyment. Whether you choose to pair it with other pieces from the Wesson Collection or create your own unique look by mixing different styles, this coffee table will be sure to bring warmth and charm into your home décor effortlessly. For those looking for quality furniture that exudes both style and substance, the Hudson Square Coffee Table from the Wesson Collection is an excellent choice! With its timeless design elements combined with modern touches, this piece offers both form and function at its best – making it ideal for anyone who wants to add elegance to their home décor without sacrificing comfort or convenience!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 40.00"w x 40.00"d x 15.00"h

materials: Primavera, Iron

volume: 21.9

colors: Spalted Primavera, Oxidized Iron

weight: 80.47

sku: FHUWES-214

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Four Hands

Hudson Square Coffee Table Spalted



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