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The Hannity Desk Lamp is the perfect addition to your workspace. This stylish lamp features a brushed brass metal body and a sturdy, marble base. The combination of these two materials creates an eye-catching contrast that will bring a modern touch to any area in your home or office. The copper color of the lamp adds warmth and sophistication to the design, making it an ideal accent piece for any décor. This desk lamp offers adjustable light intensity, so you can customize the lighting in your space to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for bright illumination for working or soft lighting for relaxing, this lamp has you covered. It also features a convenient on/off switch located on its base, so you can easily control when it’s lit up or off without having to reach behind furniture or awkwardly maneuver around cords when plugging it in and out of outlets. The Hannity Desk Lamp is designed with convenience and style in mind. Its compact size makes it easy to place anywhere – whether that’s next to your bedside table, on top of your desk at work, or even as part of an entryway display – while its sleek design ensures that it won’t take up too much space wherever you decide to put it. Plus, its sturdy marble base provides stability so that no matter how often you adjust its position or angle the light source won’t be affected by vibrations from movement like other lamps may be prone too doing over time. Whether used as task lighting for reading or studying purposes or simply as mood lighting during dinner parties with friends and family members alike; this beautiful desk lamp will make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed regardless of their surroundings thanks to its adjustable brightness settings which allow users personalize their own experience according what type of atmosphere they are looking create at any given moment without having worry about disturbing others nearby who may not prefer such intense illumination levels at certain points during the day/nighttime hours depending on individual preferences . From providing ample amounts light needed complete projects efficiently effectively all way creating cozy inviting ambiance guests feel welcome , Hannity Marble Brass Desk Lamp has got covered no matter what occasion!

width: 7"

height: 24"

brand: Surya

length: 7"

color: Copper

weight: 6 lbs.

color 2: White

primary finish: Brushed

sku: SUHNI-001

primary material: Metal

primary material 2: Marble

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Hannity Marble and Brushed Brass Desk Lamp



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