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A timeless addition to any home, the Abel Sunburst End Table is a unique piece of furniture that captures the look and feel of vintage industrial style. With its intricate sunburst etched pattern, this end table provides an eye-catching focal point for your living or bedroom space. Crafted from durable cast and hand-forged iron pieces in either a black or antique nickel finish, this table features glass accents, industrial rivets, crank handles and intricate gears for added visual appeal. The lower shelf is finished with brass for an extra touch of sophistication. This shadowbox-style end table offers ample storage space within its glass enclosure to showcase décor items or prized possessions while keeping them safe from dust and damage. Whether you’re looking to add a rustic touch to your home décor or simply want an interesting conversation piece in your living room, the Abel Sunburst End Table will be sure to make an impression on all who see it. The combination of modern machine shop and vintage industrial inspirations create a one-of-a-kind look that will be sure to capture attention wherever it resides in your home. Plus, the rough unsanded iron finish with scars and dents give it the appearance of being truly antique – making it perfect for those who appreciate both classic design elements as well as modern touches in their furniture pieces. For those who love unique furniture pieces with character that can stand up against wear and tear over time – then look no further than the Abel Sunburst End Table! This eye-catching piece is sure to bring charm into any room while providing ample storage space within its glass enclosure for you show off all your favorite items!

brand: Four Hands

dimensions: 21.00"w x 20.00"d x 21.50"h

materials: Iron, Iron, Tempered Glass

volume: 10.24

colors: Sunburst Etched Aged Brass, Aged Nickel, Tempered Glass

weight: 33.07

sku: FHIELE-128

Four Hands

Abel Sunburst End Table Sunburst Etched



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