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Art of Style

Leading designers, Nicole Ficano, Sara Malek Barney & Susie Novak share expert tips on all things art + their favorite pieces from Four Hands Art Studio.

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Nicole Ficano
Design Director, Interiors | Workshop/ADP
On her personal aesthetic โ€“
I would describe my style as warm, modern, and eclectic. I like spaces that subtly engage the senses through tactile materials, one-of-a-kind furnishings and incredible craftsmanship.
Sara Malek Barney avatar
Sara Malek Barney
Founder + Principal Designer | BANDD/Design
On art that resonates with her โ€“
I am someone who doesn't take myself too seriously and I love that to come through in art as well. Art that is silly, unexpected, and playful really resonates the most with me.
Susie Novak avatar
Susie Novak
Owner + Interior Designer | Susie Novak Interiors
On tips for designing with art โ€“
Fill a wall with one large piece and let it breath. The bigger the scale the better. When you need more than one piece to anchor a space I choose to select a grouping of two or three pieces and not go too crazy with a gallery wall.