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Summer Thornton

Chicago, IL
Summer Thornton Design, Inc

About Summer

Summer Thornton Design was established to make the design process unpretentious, fun, and fresh. Summer’s work references classic forms and tradition, but blends it with an unexpected color, material, or pattern taking traditional design and turning it on end. “Culturered… show more

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Room 271

Chic Black & White Dining

Dining Room, Transitional
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Room 268

Sultry Living

Living Room, Eclectic
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Room 266

Romantic Bedroom

Bedroom, Transitional
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No great room was ever designed without taking a risk!

Featured Products

Ibiza Teak Server
$3,049.50 $4,012.50 24% off
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Sexton Upholstered Panel Bed
$2,432.50 - $2,640.00
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Consuelo Chandelier
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Palmer Teak Accent Chest
$2,299.00 $3,025.00 24% off
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Tree Table Candleholder
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The Oulu Lounge Chair
$1,473.00 $1,673.00 11% off
Treviso Accent Chest
$3,610.00 $4,750.00 24% off
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Cynthia Side Table
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The Hanna Chandelier
$464.00 $927.00 49% off
Out of stock
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Olivia Chair
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Atherton Plasma Console
$2,080.50 $2,737.50 24% off
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Saratoga Coffee Table
$1,586.50 $2,087.50 24% off
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Out of stock
Alvita Small Gold Mirror
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Atherton Stool
$1,111.50 $1,462.50 24% off
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Baby S Chair
Anime Dining Chair - (Set of 4)
$952.00 $1,428.00 33% off
Haven Round Dining Table
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