Want to be a Scout & Nimble Room Designer?

Scout & Nimble is the world’s premier marketplace for independent interior design and home décor

  • Create rooms from the comfort of your own home
  • Earn a supplemental monthly income, while building your brand
  • Get your designs in front of over 150K of our followers
  • Must have professional looking photography images that include but are not limited to adequate lighting, sharp and clear images with high resolution
  • A professional headshot that will make you stand out amongst the rest while benefitting you professionally in the long run is a must

Join our Design Trade Program

Scout & Nimble offers exclusive trade pricing and services to designers & architects.

  • Receive promotions and incentives for you & your clients
  • Shop our large family of brands
  • Get up to a 15% discount and applicable tax exemptions


Increased brand awareness.

There's a lot of power in social media;
each follower is a potential customer.
Get access to our more than 156,000+
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Earn commission from your designs.

Every piece of furniture sold from the
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Seriously. Create stylish room designs
with complete creative freedom, all on
your own time.

Minimize your workload.

Streamline the logistics of your business
with one-stop shopping. Our large
family of brands caters to all styles and
tastes so we will assist you in finding
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Helpful customer service team.

Your schedule can be crazy, and we've got
a team dedicated to making your life
easier. Enjoy product storage options and
flexible shipping options to best fit your