Scout & Nimble was founded by dreamers who wanted to take their idea of creating a marketplace of affordable well designed spaces and make it a reality. Because of this passion, we have radically transformed what consumers now expect in home decor and are experiencing rapid growth. We are looking for passionate, driven, & qualified individuals, who like us, strive to push the limits of what is possible in the world of business and technology. Apply today to join our growing team.

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Internship Programs

The Internship Programs at Scout & Nimble offer students the opportunity to see first-hand all that an e-commerce site entails along with the inner workings of day-to-day business practices in this industry. Internships provide hands-on, valuable and practical experience for any student seeking a career in this growing field. Submit resumes to


Summer Internships

*6-8 weeks each summer

*Resumes are accepted February 1st

*Internships begin in late June


School Credit Internships

*Available to eligible students three times per year (Fall/Winter Semester, Winter/Spring Semester, & Summer Semester) with specific dates set to accommodate school schedules.

*All students must be qualified to earn school credit for internship